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Aftercare with A bandage is quite simple!

Leave the bandage on for 7 days, and then remove in the shower. Let hot water run over the bandage and slowly work it off, to avoid skin pulling, or ripping.

Leftover plasma and ink will build inside of bandage, this is normal. The fluid must not escape bandage.

Warning: 1 in 5 clients are allergic to the bandage. If you feel irritation, raised skin, or tenderness from the bandage, please remove it. Blood pooling is normal, as long as the bandage isn’t leaking continue use.

If you remove bandage, for two weeks you will do wet healing instead.

Wet Healing

Wet healing for a tattoo is that for two weeks you will use Antibacterial soap and Aquaphor.

Wash atleast 2 times a day with the Antibacterial soap, and then work Aquaphor into the tattoo right after washing and throughout the day as needed.

If the Aquaphor looks greasy or glossy on the skin, it is too saturated and we suggest danbing excess ointment with a papertowel.

Avoid direct sunlight on the area of the tattoo, and do not submerge the tattoo in water.

No baths, pool, jacuzzi, ect. 2 weeks! After two weeks, to protect your tattoo from fading, we suggest using a strong sunblock on the area. C: