How much?

I work by the hour, and I try to work primarily 2-3 hours per session. (Currently $150 an hour)

I currently have a set up fee in place ($40, per person), this fee covers equipment and ensures only the best quality materials on your skin.

My minimum is $100.

Please email to set up a consult for accurate pricing!


I am a custom artist, I draw a lot of my clients pieces myself. I prefer if clients have a collection of photo examples for me to accurately portray their aesthetic and style.

If you are aiming for a certain budget, I can design for the price you’re wanting to stick within, depending.

I encourage physically coming to the shop for a consultation for things like larger designs, detailed pieces, or coverups. Accurate pricing is easier to give in person.

I show designs the day of appointment.


To set an appointment I will need to have a consultation with you, or at least a clear understanding of the piece, placement and agreed price.

You will need to contact me through my business email, MinaMoon.tattoo@gmail.com.

A deposit is required to officially set an appointment date and time.

Emails are responded to during shop hours, I appreciate your patience!


A deposit is a place holder that reserves your spot in my schedule. It encourages me to have a design or sketch ready for you, and ensures your time won’t be going to someone else.

Deposits are either $50 or $100 depending on the project, and are non-refundable.

Deposits are applied to the last session of the tattoo.

There’s three ways to lose a deposit:

– Expiration (expires in a year after put down)

– Same-day cancellation

– Being 30 minutes late

If a reschedule is needed, I can transfer your deposit to another date as long as notice is given 48 hours in advance.

If you lose your deposit, you are required to put down another to get scheduled.

Extra Answers to Questions…

Children are not allowed in the tattoo area.

I will tattoo minors (16-17) after a consultation where I can educate and assist. Minors are appointment only, and I must be able to instruct about proper paperwork.

I prefer if vaping,or any sort of nicotine, is done outside of the booth.

One guest is allowed to be with client in tattoo area.

If a numbing cream is requested to be used, it must be applied 30 minutes before arriving to shop and wrapped properly. If cream is applied at shop, I will need to charge hourly for waiting for the cream.

I can tattoo hands, faces, feet and hands. However, I don’t guarantee that they keep. I am open to touching them up, but you would need to pay atleast shop minimum and up depending on how long or how complicated of a fix it might be.